Our Mission

Our Mission

Being in business is a big deal.

When it’s done right, it’s about being a part of something that can make a difference to a lot of people's live, from employees to kids in the community. And even though at the moment we are a young, relatively small business, we have big ambitions. We're starting exactly as we mean to go on, taking our responsibilities seriously.

Our vision is to become a profitable, self-sustaining social enterprise that creates positive social impacts that last. To help us get there, we have a set of values that we follow to the letter:

People, first and foremost. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that people are what it’s all about. Putting people first is the key to achieving the social impact we want. We are committed to developing skills and employability in our staff and are working towards developing our own accreditation for their work. We treat staff with respect, rewarding their contributions and sharing our success with them.

Be refreshing, think responsibly. Everything changes and evolves, including ways in which businesses can be fair, ethical and sustainable. So when it comes to making a positive social impact, we'll not rest on our laurels. That’s why we continually explore innovative ways to ensure Pep is as responsible as it can be.

The big, big picture. For a small company we have very large feet. Our business has a supply chain that extends to the four corners of the globe. There are communities in places that you’ve never even heard of that are working to help us put snacks and drinks into your offices. Whether social or environmental, the wider impacts of our business are important to us, and we seek ways to make sure they are positive.

Planet customer. A real dedication to customer service ensures we keep going. Good relationships, make good business and we rely on those long term partnerships to do our good work. So we deliver a service and experience that adds value at every turn, in the hope we remain their most trusted and preferred supplier.

Make the world go round. We’re in business to grow and be profitable. We understand the responsibility we have towards all of our stakeholders, and every day is a commercially focused day. And because of the way we do business, our success is good news for everyone, not just our shareholders and investors.

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