Why Pep

Why? Three things – what we do, the way we do it and why, and that pretty much tells our story!

What we do is deliver a vending service second to none – great machines, great products and ingredients, and great service. Our coffee is freshly ground for each order, our milk is fresh, not powdered, so it’s like high street quality without leaving the building. Our snacks are more adventurous than your average vender, fresh, quality and always replenished. We’re independent too, so we’re free to pick the best machines we can, compact and versatile, we brand them as you want them branded and then maintain their tip-top condition. Each machine uses telemetry to keep us informed of the state of play: if Monday afternoon has cleared it of chocolate, we’ll know, and we’ll be there to put it right. We’ll probably know about any technical issues before you do, and we’ll fix it. That’s us, that’s what we do – brilliant, fresh vending, cleverly delivered.

And how… in the big scheme of things, we’re relatively small (but growing, as planned). But that means you get a highly personal service delivered with care. It’s one of the things that makes us truly different, and something that will remain a constant and ever-present feature of working with Pep – we know that good relationships mean good business.

And speaking of ‘good’, that’s what underpins everything we do. We are a better business for aspiring to more than bottom-line profit. Our way creates benefits in our community, for the people we employ and work with, for our suppliers and the environment. We make profit, but profit which isn’t just measured in pounds and pence, but in education, opportunity and quality of life. Which pretty much gives you the answer to why we do this too, but there’s something in it for our customers as well…

Simply by choosing us, you are part of the good we do. You don’t have to lift a finger, stumble through a fun run, abseil anything, or keep a charity box in reception. Just by running our business differently, our customers can make a real difference to people’s lives. Which makes everything taste just that little bit sweeter…

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  • Nestle
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