Your CSR

Your CSR

Don't be alarmed, but people are watching your business.

They are watching so that they can judge the kind of company you are – how you impact on the environment, how you treat staff, how you give back to the community. The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is now firmly embedded in many workplaces, and more and more we recognise how it makes us better companies, and the great difference it can make to our businesses and brands. And now Pep offers up a quick win – CSR that loves you back!

CSR, in all its many and varied forms, can take a lot of effort. So Pep’s inherent goodness is a fantastic off-the-shelf CSR bolt-on. Alongside your usual CSR commitments it says ‘we’re using every opportunity we can to make a difference’, and ‘we like coffee, but not if it comes at a price to someone else’ and even ‘we’re a forward thinking clever people focused business!’. Yup, really. All in your choice of vend partner.

Because Pep is a vending company that also dispenses fairness, equity and sustainability. With Pep, you know that a percentage of every pound spent is used to make a positive social impact. What’s more, it’s a measurable impact that you can document and demonstrate (we'll help you do that bit). Brownie points all round, as well as a very decent cuppa.

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