Leasing a Coffee Machine

Leasing a Coffee Machine

We’re all used to the idea of leasing cars and other high-value things that we don’t necessarily want to buy outright. Coffee machines are no different! And the perks to leasing are huge, not least because you get the machine you really want at a manageable price. So what else does leasing offer?

5 reasons to lease a machine:

  1. They come with a Lifetime Warranty
    With all of our machines, you are covered for faults during the whole period, which means no unexpected bills or problems in the event of a breakdown. Great coffee served with peace of mind!
  2. The cost is tax deductible
    Bonus! You can offset the total cost of the lease against pre-tax profits, making the deal even sweeter.
  3. Spread the cost over a term
    Leases are usually three years but can be longer or shorter depending on your needs, so no need to make big upfront payments.
  4. Employed more staff? Upgrade anytime!
    Should you need greater capacity or different features you can upgrade easily and we can give you more machines, larger machines, shinier newer machines nice and quick.
  5. Stay up to date with technology
    There will be some kind of technical innovation in vending once every three years or so, and leasing gives you the flexibility to update your kit really easily.

Canto ESFB Coffee Machine

Canto Coffee Machine

Height: 1830mm
Width: 650mm
Length: 760mm
Weight: 170kg
Water Usage: 5.31ltr

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Canto is at the top of Necta range in terms of technological innovation and quality of the drink. The harmonious and fascinating, neat and essential design guarantees an intuitive and user-friendly interface gives it great visual impact.

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