Buying A Snack Machine

Buying a snack machine outright is the most cost-effective way of owning a machine in the long-term. Yes, you have to take the hit upfront but you can make great savings on both new and refurbished machines. On top of that, you have the reassurance that we are here should you need us, along with our trusty warranties!

Here are 5 great reasons to buy a snack machine:

  1. We offer flexible warranties
    Whatever you need, we’ll look after you! With the right plan in place you can call our experts out as and when needed, and if you sign up to one of our care plans we’ll cover call out and parts costs too.
  2. New or refurbished - we can supply both
    As well as our full range of shiny new machines, you can get your hands on a real bargain – pre-loved but perfectly workable and a snip! We have a good selection of great kit at deliciously discounted rates.
  3. Trade-in your old machine
    To sweeten the deal we might even buy your old machine from you (if you have one) and either refurbish it or recycle it responsibly! Like part exchange snack machines…
  4. Opt from self-filled or a serviced model
    The choice is yours. Either we can look after your machine and keep it fully stocked and top notch, or you can. Just let us know you preferred option and let’s talk…
  5. Make great savings by buying up front
    We can offer our greatest, biggest, fattest discounts on machines bought upfront, just call and we’ll try our best to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

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