Doctors call for ban on diesel engines in London

Doctors call for ban on diesel engines in London

Doctors Against Diesel claim over 9000 people die in London alone from breathing in toxic fumes from diesel engines.

Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens have agreed to ban on all diesels by 2025, but are we acting too slow?

Whilst opponents say the proposals are "impractical" could "backfire" (pardon he pun), we cannot ignore the issue any longer. Here at Pep we use electric and petrol hybrid only. Based in Sheffield we are essentially in the centre of the country so cannot benefit from any "scrubbed" onshore air, it’s essentially whatever blows over from Manchester.

London major Mr Khan has already said he wants to remove diesel buses from the road by 2018. Should the rest of the country follow his lead?

Its looking like 40% of nitrogen oxide emissions and PM10 pollution that are linked to decreased lung function comes from diesel vehicles alone. It’s like smoking said Jodie Michalska of Pepvend. It nuts.

Sheffield, one of England's largest cities. Unfortunately, it was also badly polluted from the early 1800s right up to the 1950s.

But new threats from traffic emissions became the next clean air challenge.

Sheffield City Council states the pollutants it is "mainly concerned about" are Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and fine particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), which come from burning fuels such as petrol, diesel, gas, wood and coal.

Whatever you think and however difficult the transition will be, is it time to clean up our air of small particles that are literally killing us?

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