Does drinking more coffee increase your lifespan?

Well apparently yes, yes it does. Results from the largest coffee based study to date showed that people who drank 2 – 4 cups of coffee a day had an 18% lower risk of death.

The studies surveyed people from all over the globe of varying different nationalities, one particular study studied over 520,000 people in Europe alone.

As great as this is it is certainly not new news. Studies from the last decade have highlighted the positive effects of coffee, suggesting that coffee is a good substitute for anti-depressants and even takes a role in preventing Parkinson’s.

But before you start drinking coffee like there’s not tomorrow, there have been many studies in the past which have not necessarily been favourable towards the beverage.

Studies as far back as the 1980s have connected coffee to headaches, heartburn and even as severe as pancreatic cancer. However coffee has not been proven as the direct cause.

The verdict? As with most things it is advised you drink your coffee in moderation.

The facts and figures for all studies can be viewed on

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