Shrinking chocolate bars!

Mystery of the shrinking chocolate bars!

It’s been widely publicised that the major snack and beverage brands are shrinking the size of their products. Pepvend is a vending company and although the industry turns over 1.9bn per year its dwarfed by the retailers such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and a whole plethora of discount chains. According to IDG the grocery market was worth 179bn in 2015 and will grow to 196bn by 2021. The grocery market therefore accounts for 50.2p in every £1 of UK retail sales.

Mars bar and Snickers have shrunk by greater than 10% to meet its Responsibility Deal commitments - but it's kept the price of the bars unchanged! The weight of a Mars bar dropped from 58g to 51g, while Snickers has been trimmed from 58g to 48g.

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