Plastic Hell.

Plastic Hell. What can we do about all that packaging?

When we started Pep we made an internal commitment to always be mindful of waste and the impact we have on the environment. Founded on 2012 Pepvend is a relative minnow in the UK vending market, but the management team who exited a technology business prior to starting Pep wanted to disrupt and modernise what is a sector trapped mostly in the 90's. There are certainly some great modern vending businesses who we at Pep look up to and the market is worth £1.9Bn annually, but we are planning to make a tangible step forward in our environmental approach. Sadly, we have little sway on what the large drinks and confectionary brands do or how then handle plastic waste. But we want to do all that is possible to ensure materials used by end consumers are recycled responsibly. We will keep you updated with our plans!

Normally the conversation all about recycling and recyclability. This is important but we to think there is a role to play in the sustainability of packaging and the whole waste hierarchy – the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. It is known as a “hierarchy” for a reason– REDUCING our use of materials from the beginning is the most important“R.” Reducing the overall use of raw materials means they never have to be extracted, energy doesn’t have to be consumed and water not used. This also reduces the impact of transportation. It can be challenging to explain the benefits of resources never used in the first place in an impactful way. Recycling is such a visual and tangible aspect of sustainability, that REDUCTION if often neglected. At least 80 percent of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources, but the actual number is probably much higher. Check out the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment Report for more information

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