Coffee Vs Tea

The Big Debate Of Coffee Vs Tea

The biggest debate in our industry, the thing that divides our country and probably many rooms will be split between the two most satisfying hot drinks there is. A tea belly or a coffee addict, if there’s one to choose who would you pick? Which would it be, torn between the drink that keeps you functioning in the early hours of the working day. Giving you the boost you need to be productive and the drink that Britain cherishes and believe will fix any problem we might face. But of course, being from Yorkshire a true tea belly is the only way we truly know how to be. Yorkshire tea is an important part of existing and an important part of an everyday life, well in our office anyway.

But a rise from the coffee industry insight with coffee shops on every corner excelling in perfect handmade coffee and hand written cups. Coffee is becoming the hipster drink, a hangover cure and a common addiction for many people and not only office workers that need it to keep their head from hitting their keyboards as they type, but students, yummy mummies and manual workers chowing down the coffee throughout the day and night in some cases, we demolish countless amounts every single day. It’s a creative form of drink making, with coffee art and unique ingredients that make getting that caffeine a fruity, chocolatey and more vibrant activity. On average 70 million cups of coffee per day are drunk, but that’s nothing compared to the 165 million cups of tea that on average we drink per day. There isn’t art in tea, but if creativity is what you're looking for tea isn’t just brown and can have a spark of fruity goodness that tickles the taste buds. Ginger, Peppermint or Green adds a splash of colour to your morning ritual, although tea doesn’t give as much of a boost as the other side, it does have some great health benefits, such as Green Tea have been announced by academic conferences throughout the world that it helps prevent cancer.

Like many others, I do need that boost to keep me functioning to the appropriate level that’s needed to not fall asleep at my desk or bite the head off everyone that tries to communicate with me before 12 o’clock. We all know that coffee gives more of a boost and at a faster rate than tea can ever do and that’s the constant battle, do we want leaves or beans? Do we want bitter and boosting coffee or sweet and strong tea? Will this debate be an everlasting feud or will we finally put the coffee pot and tea bags down? Drink without the anger of who’s better than the other.
Well, let’s talk about tea, there are many things people don’t know about tea and here’s just a few. Black tea, green tea, Oolong tea, puer tea and white tea all come from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis, meaning the different tea types are only created by the way they are processed. Surprisingly tea’s the second most consumed drink and only coming second to water ( Which could end the debate completely because it’s a fact that tea is drunk more than coffee meaning society has chosen it over the other? Before we jump to a decision, let’s talk about coffee beans, they are all grown from a place on the planet called the coffee belt producing Arabic and Robusta coffee beans. Coffee was the first food to be freeze-dried and has become extremely popular over the years to keep people awake and to be a part of the ‘Starbucks’ phenomenon.

So how will we decide who wins the debate of our industry? Tell us what you think?

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