The little guide to social enterpirse

The little guide to social enterpirse

Here at Pep, we’re proud to be a Social Enterprise. What’s that? Well, a Social Enterprises trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people's life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in their industry, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community. And so, when they profit, society profits. Yes, a business that works to improve communities and the environment around them on a localised level, it can easily be measured. But we are still a business that is aiming for profit. However, with that profit, we do our very best to give back to the community that surrounds us.

As a company, we practice what we preach by being as socially and environmentally responsible within our own business and by treating staff respectfully, responsibly and allowing all to share in successes. Pepvend is working with its supply chain to persuade responsible practices wherever possible. We also work with local groups and organisation’s to support social initiatives. Our vision is to become a profitable, self-sustaining social enterprise that creates positive social impacts that last locally where we serve our customers and communities. To help us get there, we have a set of values that we follow to the letter:

  • People and environment first
  • Be refreshing (ways to do be more flexible)
  • Think responsibly

Here in Sheffield (South Yorkshire), we work with people who are struggling with mental health issues by providing them with employment and work experience opportunities that other business might not consider as important. We train and help people to get back onto the career ladder through employment, work experience, to other supportive social enterprises. In this knowledge economy skills help people to achieve their best. We aim to give vulnerable individuals confidence and resilience to succeed within Pepvend and any other like-minded businesses.
One in six adults suffer from a common mental disorder.

There will be at least one person around you that could have a mental disorder and are suffering. Maybe it's a friend, a member of your family or you. Sometimes a positive environment can make all the difference! That’s why at Pep we are striving to help as many people as possible, we aim to improve lives through working, giving people a focus and experience that can potentially improve lives. As a social enterprise, we have a very in-depth social mission to try and help improve some lives around the community we work in. We need more customers to help us to support more people so do get in touch if you have a need for vending, coffee machines etc.

So why support a Social Enterprise?

Simply by doing business with a Social Enterprise, you are making a difference. Then word spreads that this is a great way to support service businesses like Pepvend. It is completely possible to combine the need to be profitable at the same time as improving people’s prospects. People do business with people and Pepvend has a mission to support the community We want to improve the lives of people who suffer from mental disorders because many so many of us will or have experienced the problems first hand. We don’t want anyone to think they are suffering alone. That’s what we believe in; what do you believe in?

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