The recyclable coffee cup

Two scientist have developed a coffee cup that is recyclable, but why is there a need for this?

Coffee is one of the most popular commodities in the world. Almost a third of the world’s population drinks coffee, it is consumer at any time of day in almost every environment.

Roughly 7 million tons of coffee are produced every year and statistics state that out of all the coffee cups used in the UK only 1% of the 2.5 billion cups are currently recyclable.

The need for recyclable coffee cups demonstrates generally our attitudes towards disposable products in the UK. Even though we are aware of many environmental issues in modern society this is strong evidence that we do not necessarily act upon the issues as much as strongly as we should.

The two scientist Professor Edward Kosior and Dr Jon Mitchell have also said that they offer a recyclable sandwich wrapper too and have shown further interest in other matter regarding our environment and its sustainability, as well as larger companies that are investing in their technology.

What the scientist have developed is a resin they call ‘NextCupCycle’ which they say has:

“…been developed after years of research on paper plastic composites with specifically designed resins and formulations to meet a variety of property requirements...”

And unlike regular coffee cups they do:

"…not have an end of life option. Millions of takeaway paper coffee cups are sent to landfill because until now an end of life solution has not been possible…”

You can learn more about ‘NextCupCycle’ here:

So at the end of the day although we currently only recycle 1% of our coffee cups we can rest easy knowing that the solution has been realised. Hopefully the technology can thrive and eventually become used in our regular coffee cup that we consume on the high streets.

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