Time to reduce air pollution

Time to reduce air pollution, health experts say

The BBC has today repoerted that local authorities have been advised t0 lower speed limits and create clean air zones. They also say we should redesign speed bumps too, health experts are advising.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said "steady smooth" driving will cut air pollution, which is connected to 25,000 deaths a year in England alone.

Pollution experts said the measures will only make small improvements.

The health advisory guidance is now published.

Air pollution people living in deprived and inner city and urban areas and it affect children and the elderly more.

Soot and gas

Vehicle traffic has reached record levels in 2016, with 320 billion vehicle miles travelled on Great Britain's roads. Thats 1.4% greater than 2015.

The national institute for clinical excellence says tiny specks of soot from vehicle exhaust, brake linings and tyres, as well as nitrogen dioxide gas, damage people's health by increasing the risk of cancer and respiratory and heart diseases.

Local authorities must tackle air pollution.

Recommendations include:

  • More 20mph speed limits in congested residential areas
  • Re-designing speed bumps to stop cars speeding up and slowing down between them
  • Restrictions on engine idling during short stops such as outside schools and hospitals
  • More charging points for electric cars in residential areas
  • Placing the most commonly-used rooms in new houses away from polluting roads
  • Training drivers to be more fuel efficient by driving more smoothly

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