Canto Touch ESFB

Can you smell that fresh coffee! Canto touch ESFB is the newest full size hot drink vender on the market. It uses the same reliable hot drinks making tech inside, but the outside has a modern touch screen which in theory means we can customise as many drinks as you like! This machine makes real teas, bean coffees, instant coffees (or decaff) as well as hiot chocolate. Perfect where you want a mordern feel and a costa like experience at the fraction of the price.

Canto Touch ESFB

Height: 1830
Width: 650
Length: 760
Weight: 176
Water Usage: 5.31ltr

In plain english this machine is as good as it gets for drink quality in vending. The design is friendly enough to be used by all.

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  • Seabrook
  • Walkers
  • Coca Cola
  • Dr Pepper
  • McCoy's
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  • PG Tips
  • Monster Energy
  • Lucozade
  • Fanta
  • Haribo
  • Snickers

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